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Last updated: 29 January 2020

Wow! Signal Live is an attempt to capture some of the best features of the Unseen Podcast, which ran from 2015-2018, while improving the listenability and information density. This short audio announcement explains it all to you:

One of the main reasons for going live is to allow for real time engagement with the audience. We'll experiment with various means of making this happen, but one way is for audience members to become panelists. Anyone who is willing to make the commitment can be on a panel, but Patreon supporters will have first crack at it. We'll have more information soon on what is expected.

Special Guests

Many of our live episodes will include a guest subject matter expert. If you would like to be a guest on W!S Live, just contact us and we'll discuss how and when that could work. You can send e-mail our gmail account: wowsignalpodcast, or contact us on Twitter @podcastwow.

Who Can be a Panelist?

It's much more about commitment than credentials. Anyone willing to do the reading to prepare, develop thoughtful questions about a particular topic, and show up on time can be on a panel. A vigorous pre-show discussion can help us refine our questions. 

Technical Instructions for Panelists

This will be similar to the Unseen Podcast, except that instead of using Hangouts on Air, we will use Zoom meetings. You should download the appropriate free Zoom app for your device. You do NOT need a Zoom account.

You will need headphones or earbuds. A good but inexpensive microphone (a $20 lavalier mic is OK) is much better than using the internal mic on your laptop or tablet. If you have a lot of audio reverberation in your space, then please go to a quieter room, or mitigate the echo with blankets, pillows, cushions, etc. You can also buy commercial echo mitigation solutions, and some of them are pretty cheap.

For video, your background should be non-distracting. If uncertain, hand a sheet or blanket behind yourself. You may use a standard webcam. If you are experiencing dropped packets/bandwidth issues, then turn off your webcam on Zoom.

Well before the Zoom session, m you should receive an invitation that includes the zoom link. Please keep this link to yourself.

Also before the session, you will receive a YouTube link to watch live. This is not the link you will use, but your should publicize it as widely as you can. We will also distribute a Discord link to ask questions or make comments during the show.

Our Panelists' Bios

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