Wow! Signal Bursts are highly focused, short (often less than 10 minutes), tightly edited episodes, with a bit less in the way of fanfare, show notes and music. Nagging, thanking and begging are dispensed with. Patrons are not charged for Bursts.

Below we list the Bursts we've done to date, with a short description and a link.

Burst #Release DateTitleDescription
34 16-Jul-2021 The Mystery of the Nine Transients Astronomer Beatriz Villarroel talks about her latest VASCO paper.
33 20-Mar-2020 Astronomer David Blank comments on Episode 41. David Blank is generally supportive of the work of Villarroel, et. al., was discussed in Episode 41.
32 18-Feb-2019 Become a Boyajian's Star ScientistJoin the KIC 8462852 Analysis team. No experience necessary.
31 6-Feb-2019 Beyond the SETI Paradigm Nick Nielsen's latest thoughts on SETI.
30 25-Apr-2018 Gaia DR2 and Boyajian's Star A update on what the latest Gaia DR2 astrometry release implies for Boyajian's Star.
29 23-Apr-2018 Caral Supe and Evangeline A update on Boyajian's Star.
28 6-Feb-2018 The Cosmic Archipelago, part 3 Nick Nielsen on the Observable Universe.
27 25-Jan-2018 The Cosmic Archipelago, part 2 Nick Nielsen on the idea of a temporal distance ladder.
26 21-Jan-2018 The Cosmic Archipelago, part 1 Nick Nielsen on the history of the cosmic distance ladder.
25 3-Jan-2018 The Elsie Paper A short audio tour of the new Boyajian, et. al. paper on the Elsie dip.
24 3-Dec-2017 The Summer of Tabby's Star Boyajian's Star developments in 2017.
23 5-Jun-2017 Tabby Boyajian Talks about the May 2017 Dip Tabby Boyajian discusses the observations of the most recent dip in brightness of her namesake star.
22 19-May-2017 Tabby's Star is Dimming Paul Carr briefly discusses what is going on with the new dimming event.
21 2-Jan-2017 The Absolute Definitive Truth About Alien Megastructures Paul Carr talks about the sorts of alien megastructures that could be out there somewhere, and how we might be able to observe them.
20 14-Sep-2016 Gaia DR1 and the WTF Star A conversation with Tabetha Boyajian about the implications of Gaia Data Release 1 for our understanding of Tabby's Star
19 31-Jul-2016 Our Sky Now and Then - A Conversation with Beatriz Villarroel A novel approach to SETI by three Swedish students - looking for disappearing astronomical objects.
18 04-July-2016 Nick Nielsen on the Spoor of Civilizations SETI research is much like the traditional task of a tracker, who seeks the spoor of elusive quarry through a wilderness.
17 18-May-2016 The Where's the Flux Kickstarter A brief discussion of the new kickstarter to buy telescope time to observe Tabby's Star. Please consider donating.
16 31-Mar-2016 Tabby's Star for the Perplexed, Part 2 Our second installment about the puzzling flickers in the light curve of KIC 8462852, aka Tabby's Star
15 16-Mar-2016 The Social Context of SETI Nick Nielsen's thoughts on SETI in a social context
14 14-Mar-2016 Jason Hessels on the Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Radio astronomer Jason Hessels explains the recent paper reporting that a previously discovered FRB repeats.
13 10-Mar-2016 Tabby's Star for the Perplexed, Part 1 Paul Carr explains why Tabby's Star is perplexing.
12 13-Feb-2016 SETI as a Process of Elimination Nick Nielsen on the nature of the SETI enterprise
11 6-Feb-2016 DASCH Photometry with Dr. Josh Grindlay Josh Grindlay tells us why he thinks Hippke's critique of Schaefer is wrong, but that he is still skeptical of Schaefer's result
10 3-Dec-2015The Wilderness Hypothesis Nick Nielsen discusses a variation of the Zoo Hypothesis for resolving the Fermi Paradox.
9 21-Nov-2015Halos of Vanished Civilizations Nick Nielsen talks about the electromagnetic halos left behind by lost ET civilizations.
8 17-Nov-2015Questions about asteroid mining Paul Carr expounds some of his unanswered questions about the laws governing asteroid mining, as well of those of an Unseen Podcast listener.
7 1-Oct-2015Why Interstellar Spaceflight is Hard Paul Carr explains at an elementary level why it is hard for us to go visit the nearby stars..
6 12-Jul-2015The Caves of the Moon Mike Mongo talks to Jeff Nosanov about the PERISCOPE mission concept for exploring lunar caves.
5 8-Apr-2015What About those FRBs? A quick summary of where we are following the paper by Hippke, et.al. on the strange pattern in Fast Radio Burst dispersion measures.
4 17-Feb-2015 Upper Limits Daniel Cartin on his latest paper modeling interstellar colonization in the solar neighborhood
3 20-Dec-2014 MISS on Mars? Nora Noffke explains her hypothesis that the Curiosity rover may have seen microbial mats on Mars.
2 7-Dec-2014 Through the Lens of the Drake Equation Paul Carr gives us his perspective on the Drake Equation at the end of 2014
1 30-Nov-2014 The Astronaut Instruction Manual for Preteens Mike Mongo, Astronaut Teacher, tells us about his forthcoming book to inspire kids to pursue careers in space

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