Saturday, December 2, 2017

Burst 24- The Summer of Tabby's Star

Released: 3 December 2017
Duration: 11 minutes 43 seconds

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Host Paul Carr covers some recent developments with respect to Boyajian's Star, especially the 4 dips of the Summer of 2017.

Boyajian and Team's light curve for KI8462852 since just before the Elsie dip from


Burst 23 - Tabby Boyajian discusses Elsie

Simon, et. al. - Where Is the Flux Going? The Long-Term Photometric Variability of Boyajian's Star
Meng, et. al. - Extinction and the Dimming of KIC 8462852
Steele, et. al. - Optical Polarimetry of KIC 8462852 in May-August 2017
Wyatt, et. al. -Modelling the KIC8462852 light curves: compatibility of the dips and secular dimming with an exocomet interpretation

The script for the episode


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Music: Jason Robinson

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