Monday, April 6, 2020

Episode 46 - Extraterrestrials

Released: 6 April 2020
Duration: 53 minutes, 55 seconds

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Author and podcaster Wade Roush talks about his forthcoming book from MIT Press, Extraterrestrials. The book covers astrobiology, SETI, the Fermi paradox and more for a literate but non-specialist audience.

Guest Bio

WADE ROUSH, a Boston-based science and technology journalist, is a columnist at Scientific American and the producer and host of Soonish, an independent podcast about the future. He has served as Boston bureau reporter for Science, senior editor and San Francisco bureau chief at MIT Technology Review, chief correspondent and San Francisco editor for Xconomy, and acting director of MIT’s Knight Science Journalism program. He holds a PhD in the history and social study of science and technology from MIT.


1950 New Yorker Cartoon by Alan Dunn
The Extraterrestrials page at MIT Press
The Extraterrestrials page at Amazon
Six Strange Facts about Oumuamua
Sofia Sheikh and the Nine Axes
The Vanishing Sources
Where is Everybody?
Stephen Webb's Book on the Fermi Paradox
Nathalie Cabrol
Seth Shostak on the Zoo Hypothesis

The MIT Technology Review
The Hub and Spoke Podcast Network
The Soonish podcast

The podcast contact page
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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Episode 45 - Among the Space People with Paola Castaño

Released: 29 March 2020
Duration: 54 minutes, 8 seconds

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Co-hosts Paul Carr and Daniela DePaulis welcome Dr. Paola Castaño to talk about her research among the science teams working on the International Space Station.

Guest Bio

Paola Costaño
Paola Castaño is a sociologist of science. She recently completed a Newton International Fellow funded by The British Academy at Cardiff University and is working on a book about the meanings and valuations of scientific research on the International Space Station. On the basis of ethnographic work following the life course of experiments sent to the station, the book examines the fields of particle physics, plant biology and biomedical research. She has a PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago, and has been a postdoctoral researcher at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, the Free University of Berlin, and Waseda University in Tokyo.


The International Space Station goes under the microscope
Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop 2020: Day 1
Cosmic-ray positron fraction measurement from 1 to 30 GeV with AMS-01
Scott Kelly’s genes and NASA’s twin study on him, explained

Daniela De Paulis on the Unseen Podcast
Daniela De Paulis discusses Cogito in Episode 35.
Cogito in Space
Castaño's article on Cogito

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Burst 33 - Astronomer David Blank Comments on Episode 41

Released: 20 March 2020
Duration: 31 minutes, 42 seconds

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Astronomer David Blank responded to our invitation to comment on the Villarroel+ paper we covered in Episode 41, which he describes as "very fascinating."


The VASCO project: I. USNO objects missing in modern sky surveys and follow-up observations of a "missing star"
Dorrit Hoffleit  and her autobiography: Misfortunes as Blessings in Disguise
Bradley Schaefer and the Harvard Plates
Josh Grindlay, PI of DASCH
The Very Large Array Sky Survey
The VASCO Citizen Science Project



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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

All Unseen Podcast Episodes now Available on YouTube

We have moved all our Unseen Podcast (2015-2018) episodes to YouTube. You can listen to any of them there, as well as the Unseen Pubs. Soon, we will discontinue our use of Libsyn as the repository for the Unseen Podcast, and the rss feed links will not be valid. The show notes on the blog will remain available indefinitely.

For example, here is Episode 88 with Chad Davies of the Scientific Odyssey:

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Upcoming Moonbounce Live Streaming Event

Photo Credit Charles Duke/NASA

The Event

Multidisciplinary artist Daniela De Paulis is organizing a live moonbounce event in Scotland on the Isle of Lewis that will be held on the evening of February 8th 2020 as part of the Hebridean Dark Skies Festival. Wow! Signal Live will livestream the event with a panel of scientists and artists.

How to Watch Live

The scheduled time is 21:00 GMT. That means it will start at 4 P.M. on the East Coast of the USA, and 1 Pm on the West Coast. The live streaming event may start a little earlier than the live event. More details will be announced soon.

Following the live event, the audio from the panel discussion will be made available on our regular podcast feed at this site.

To view the live event, simply go to this YouTube link:

Edit: a video with credits and improved audio can be found here:

If you have questions for the panel, you can leave them in the YouTube chat, or at the usual Discord channel on our server.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Episode 44 - The Night Watch

Released: 22 January 2020
Live recording: 20 January 2020
Duration:  66 minutes 45 seconds
Thread: Astronomy and Astrophysics

Download the .mp3 audio file

Host Paul Carr, along with Daniela De Paulis and Ciro Villa welcome astronomer Stella Kafka, director of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). We talk about the recent and possibly unprecedented dimming of Betelgeuse, among many other astronomy topics.

This was our very first Wow! Signal Live recording. We hope to get listener questions in as part of the live experience, but we have a lot to learn about how too encourage this. Your feedback will help.

Recent light curve from AAVSO for the Red Supergiant Betelgeuse


Stella Kafka's previous (2016) appearance on this podcast
Simbad page for Betelgeuse
Astronomical Magnitude System
Yes, Aboriginal Australians Can and Did Discover the Variability of Betelgeuse

Wow! Signal Team


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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Episode 43 - Adam Dipert Moves in Zero G

Released: 22 December 2019
Duration: 55 minutes, 36 seconds

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Adam Dipert is a veteran circus performer and dancer who recently received his PhD in physics from Arizona State University.  He has brought his various interests together by researching human movement in microgravity. We are going to let him tell you all about that.

Adam will be presenting about this work at the Conference for Research on Choreographic Interfaces in Providence, Rhode Island, USA at Brown University, March 5-7 2020.  Link to conference here:


Flower Sticks
Zero G
Kitsou Dubois
Orienting Beyond Gravity: Training with Kitsou Dubois
Partner Stilting Acrobatics
A video of Adam in Zero G
Skylab Astronauts Doing Gymnastics in Zero G
The Froude Number
Kristina isabelle


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