Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Episode 40 - Extraterrestrial Languages

Released: 16 October 2019
Duration: 54 minutes, 51 seconds

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Extraterresrial Languages is a forthcoming book about the human quest to craft messages that can be understood across interstellar distances. We may want to tell ET about  ourselves, or it may be help ET send message to us that we will know how to interpret.

At the end, we also spend a couple of minutes catching up with Daniela de Paulis.

Daniel Oberhaus is a staff writer at Wired Magazine, where he covers space and energy. His first book, Extraterrestrial Languages, will be released by MIT Press on October 22, 2019. 

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MIT Press Page for Interstellar Languages
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Daniela de Paulis
The 2017 Sonar message
There is Here
The Risks of METI and Religious Aliens
Marvin Minsky: Communication with Alien Intelligence
The Question: the ontological status of mathematics

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Co-Host: Daniela De Paulis
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