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The Wow! Signal will always be free to stream, download and subscribe to, and we have no
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advertising to derail your listening experience. We don't even have ads on the blog. However, we welcome your direct support, and the more funds we receive from listeners, the more we can do, and at higher quality. At present, we are paying our basic operating costs out of our own pockets.

Since there are many other worthy outlets for your charitable giving, we suggest only small donations, only about $1-$5 per episode. Since we rarely put out more then 2 episodes per month, your contribution to the Wow! Signal would be small on a monthly basis. You can also place a monthly cap on your donation. We use Patreon to collect the per-episode pledges. Please go to Patreon:

To sign up, donate, and review our funding goals. All contributors will be publicly thanked on air. Anyone who pledges $5/episode will get a free T-shirt with the Wow! Signal Podcast logo. Please note that the pledges will only be collected for full-length episodes, not for Bursts.

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