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We want to make listener participation a regular feature on the Wow! Signal podcast. This is your chance to sound off on air about what you think. All you have to do is comment on this blog or leave a review on iTunes. Then, just e-mail us and tell us how we can reach you. Or, leave a comment right here. You can also participate in the new Wow! Signal Live, coming soon.


We are looking to interview experts in the areas the podcast covers: The Fermi Paradox, The future of humanity, space colonization, SETI, astrobiology, and related topics. If you are an expert in any of these areas, please contact us and we'll schedule an interview. Guests so far have included numerous scientists, a blogger, a retired statistician, two entrepreneurs, a philosopher, a librarian, and artist, and a counterintelligence expert.

Geoffrey Landis David Grinspoon Seth Shostak
Geoff Marcy Daniel Cartin Nicholas Joll
Heath Rezabek Robin Hanson Betül Kacar
Alan Penny Robert S. "Bob" Dixon Duncan Lunan
JL Galache Andrew P.V. Siemion Nora Noffke
Tom Barbalet Martin Elvis Tabetha Boyajian
Ben Montet Doug Vakoch Jon Lomberg

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  1. Im am neither a researcher or educated in the relam your looking for. However im interested in Aeronautics and Space Exploration. Technology that can open new ways of communications. Music. The oldest and most reliable way to communicate. Planets that produce noise may not always have life but, sings a different tone. Literately. But there may be a way to accurately pin point sound and to enhance the quality of it. Life gives of different noise than dormant planets. Thus music a form of communications. This is possible and can be used to measure the inhabitants of a breathable atmosphere. I don't wish to be famous and im not looking for publishing. Im simply a person who likes nasa and seti. Im peter west