Thursday, July 15, 2021

Burst 34 - The Mystery of the Nine Transients

Interview recorded: 11 July 2021

Released: 16 July 2021

Duration: 21 minutes, 33 seconds

Beatriz Villarroel discusses her latest VASCO paper in Nature Scientific Reports, "Exploring nine simultaneously occurring transients on April 12th 1950."


Villarroel+ , Exploring Nine simultaneously occurring transients on April 12th 1950.

Burst 19: Our Sky Now and Then (August 2016)

Episode 41: The Vanishing Sources with Beatriz Villarroel (November 2019)

The Vanishing & Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations project: I. USNO objects missing in modern sky surveys and follow-up observations of a "missing star

The Palomar Digital Sky Survey

Gran Telescopio Canarias

The United States Nuclear Testing Program


Host and Producer: Paul Carr

Music: Ahleuchatistas and Erika Lloyd

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  1. Good to see that we still don't have answers for everything,,the more I learn the more I want to learn,,we humans are limited by our own ignorance and lack of technology,, mysteries are everywhere,,and I'm one of them in their s space and time,,knowing that I'm connected to all and everything..