Monday, April 23, 2018

Burst 29 - Caral Supe and Evangeline

Released: 23 April 2018
Duration:12 minutes, 21 seconds

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Los Cumbres light curve from

Paul Carr reviews what has been happening over the Winter and early Spring with respect to Boyajian's Star. We review the Winter observations, the Castelaz and Barker paper, and the two surprise March dips, Caral-Supe and Evangeline. We also talk about the upcoming Gaia Data Release 2 and what it might mean.


Burst 24 and Burst 25
KIC 8462852: Maria Mitchell Observatory Photographic Photometry 1922 to 1991
Where's The Flux?
Bruce Gary's Boyajian's Star Page
Boyajian's R
Gaia DR2


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Music: Jason Robinson


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  2. Great follow-ups on Boyajian's star actuality, thanks ! If the music doesn't drown out Mr Carr's voice, that would be an easy way to improve an otherwise excellent podcast. Looking forward to future episodes =:)