Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I want your music!

Musicians - I want to play your music on my podcast. If you have music you own all the rights to, or which is published Creative Commons, then please let me know by commenting here or e-mail wowsignalpodcast (at) gmail {dot com}. I am looking for creative, well-performed music that features both sophisticated composition and hopefully some improvisation.

 As an example, the musicians featured on the podcast so far are:

  • Chris Cavera
  • Impossible Girl
  • Erika Lloyd
  • The House Band of the Universe
  • DJ Spooky
  • Ahleuchatistas
  • Jason Robinson
  • Michael Griffin
  • Sleep Research Facility
  • Curlew
  • George Hrab
  • John Baez and Greg Egan

1 comment:

  1. My wife's band from several years ago has a number of excellent tunes that you should be able to use. Her band was called Anxiety of Influence. The music style is reminiscent of bands like Evanescence (but AoI was actually writing their tunes before Evanescence existed). There are a few tracks on Youtube that a fan posted, so if you search for "Anxiety of Influence - Turned Blue" you should be able to preview their most popular song.

    My wife retains the rights to some of the songs, and some of them were published Creative Commons. Her name is Rochelle Ireland (ireland[dot]rochelle[at]gmail[dot]com). Feel free to email her to ensure you can use their tracks.

    Her recent material is folk-jazz and doesn't appear to fit with what I see here, but you are welcome to ask her if she has other material she is willing to share.

    Best regards,

    Mike Ireland