Thursday, March 7, 2013

Episode 5 - Superior Galactic Communities

The Search for Bracewell Probes, Part 1

An introduction to the Search for Bracewell Probes, with a liberal sprinkling of music by DJ Spooky (aka Paul D. Miller) from his album "Songs of a Dead Dreamer."  Also, a song by George Hrab.

In part 1, I cover what the hypothetical thing called a Bracewell Probe is, and discuss some of the variables that might affect whether or not it would be possible for us to to detect one in our own solar system.  We don't know whether they exist, but if they do, we want to find them....

The second Wow! Signal Podcast seal of approval for podcasting is awarded to Oh, No, Ross and Carrie!

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The script for Episode 5 (not followed exactly)
Bracewell Probes, part 1 and part 2
A paper on SETA.
SETA and 1991 VG

Oh No, Ross and Carrie.

The Music
DJ Spooky
Jason Robinson
Sleep Research Facility
George Hrab

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