Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The next hiatus

The current plan is to suspend producing new shows for only about two months, starting around December 2014 and resuming around February 2015. Season 3 will pick up where Season 2 left off, and as always, we are looking for your ideas on whom we should talk to and where we should go with future episodes.

Since we kind of had a hiatus in September/October, our two month year-end hiatus may actually be only 1 month. I'm looking forward to trying out a new format with the team, similar to the Douglas Adams special episode for last Towel Day. As always, we would like to have guest panelists, and we will continue to present pre-recorded interviews.

There may be a hiatus "shop talk" episode where the team and whoever else wants to participate, sits around and talks about random but hopefully related topics. Let me know if that interests you.

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