Friday, June 26, 2015

The unplanned hiatus

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The Wow! Signal has been silent for a while, and this was not the plan. There have been a number of variables contributing to this, but mostly it has been the energy and time starting up the Unseen Podcast has required. It now has 11 episodes out, and we have only missed one week since we started on 3 April 2015. There have been 13 unique panelists so far in those 11 episodes, and I have goals of getting to over 50. There is much more to be done to make Unseen become the podcast that it can be, but not all of that burden is on me. It's at least somewhat up to the panelists to bring quality information to the virtual table, and I am happy to say that so far they are making the effort to do just that. this is all while keeping the tone very relaxed and the conversation stretched out and free wheeling.

So, the Wow! Signal has seen a hiatus that wasn't planned, but it is coming back very soon with lots of new stuff. We will continue to cover SETI heavily, but a number of other topics as well. If you want to help, then engage with us on Twitter, on G+, and here in this blog. Also, please go over to Patreon and have a look at what we are trying to accomplish there.

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