Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Episode 29 - Catching Tabby's Star in the Act

Released: 3 May 2016
Duration: 35 minutes, 43 seconds

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Stella Kafka, director of the American Association of VariableStar Observers (AAVSO) tells us about
Stella Kafka
how her organization observes variable stars and how they hope to catch Tabby's Star (KIC 8462852) in the act of dimming. Also, a brief update on BradleySchaefer's work


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Tabby's Star for the Perplexed, part 1
The Fast and Slow Dimming of Tabby's Star
Interview with Tabetha Boyajian
Script for this episode

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  1. Great Podcast, very informative, congratulations to the WOW team and AAVSO on great work. Thanks for the link to Dr Schaefer's update - I see another round of robust discussions on the Century long fade coming.