Sunday, January 21, 2018

Burst 26 - The Cosmic Archipelago, Part 1.

Released: 21 January 2018
Duration: 19 minutes

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Henrietta Swan Leavitt,
discoverer of Leavitt's Law

A hundred years ago cosmologists were struggling to understand the nature and structure of the universe, and at the heart of this struggle was the island universe hypothesis.
Today we find ourselves confronted with a similar question posed at a far greater scale. As we confront these great questions of cosmology, whether a hundred years ago or today, we find ourselves faced with as many philosophical questions as scientific questions when we challenge the boundaries of our understanding. In Part I we focus on the original problems of constructing the cosmological distance ladder.


The Scale of the Universe, Shapley and Curtis



Writer and Host: Nick Nielsen
Producer and Voiceover: Paul Carr
Music: Jason Robinson


  1. Thank you Nick Nielsen for this concise history lesson.

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