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Upcoming Moonbounce Live Streaming Event

Photo Credit Charles Duke/NASA

The Event

Multidisciplinary artist Daniela De Paulis is organizing a live moonbounce event in Scotland on the Isle of Lewis that will be held on the evening of February 8th 2020 as part of the Hebridean Dark Skies Festival. Wow! Signal Live will livestream the event with a panel of scientists and artists.

How to Watch Live

The scheduled time is 21:00 GMT. That means it will start at 4 P.M. on the East Coast of the USA, and 1 Pm on the West Coast. The live streaming event may start a little earlier than the live event. More details will be announced soon.

Following the live event, the audio from the panel discussion will be made available on our regular podcast feed at this site.

To view the live event, simply go to this YouTube link:

Edit: a video with credits and improved audio can be found here:

If you have questions for the panel, you can leave them in the YouTube chat, or at the usual Discord channel on our server.

The Panel

Host Daniela De Paulis is a multi-disciplinary artist who has appeared on the Wow! Signal as a host or co-host several times. Her bio is on the podcast team page.

Nando Pellegrini (I1NDP) has been a radio amateur since 1969
Nando Pellegrini
In the past he has been active on shortwave radio communications (telephony and telegraphy) and currently on communication activities via moonbounce and satellite, as well as amateur astronomical radio observations. 

For more information:

Roy Smits
Roy Smits in a Dutch astronomer who obtained his PhD at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. He worked for the University of Manchester and ASTRON, the Dutch institute for radio-astronomy. In his career he laid the groundwork for pulsar astronomy with the Square Kilometre Array and has been involved in several international astronomy projects.

Currently he is finishing his book on astronomical discoveries which will be published in the Summer of 2020.

Mario Armando Natali
Mario Armando Natali graduated in electronic engineering from the University of Bologna He carried out his career in the United States, Japan, Germany, France and Italy. 

In parallel he has always been a very active ham radio operator with the call sign I0NAA and in 2015 he installed a 5-meter parabolic antenna that is now fully dedicated to moon bouncing (EME) and to radio astronomy activities focused on the detection of Pulsars.
Mario is very often invited speaker to talk about radio and technology in conferences and seminars and is also producing free software to support amateur radio and amateur radio astronomy community. 

G. Douglas Barrett
G Douglas Barrett works on music and contemporary art as a scholar and practitioner. His articles and reviews appear in Mosaic, Tacet, Transfers, Postmodern Culture, The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and Contemporary Music Review. His first book, After Sound: Toward a Critical Music, was published in 2016. His next book, Experimenting the Human: Experimental Music and Technological Posthumanism, is forthcoming on the University of Chicago Press. 

He is currently Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at Salisbury University in Maryland, USA.

Gillian McFarland
Gillian McFarland/Boyle
My practice is based on enquiry through engaging in process and collaboration with other disciplines. I have an interest in exploring and questioning potentials within different methodologies of creating– pushing the invisible or blurred into focus and reviewing impact and occurrences. 

I am a regular exhibitor at the Royal Scottish Academy, a council member of the Society of Scottish Artists and the recipient of several awards for my work. I am also a state registered art therapist with an active interest in Arts and Wellbeing. 

 For more information, please see: and

Ione Parkin
Ione Parkin is a Visual Artist and co-founder of the art/science project, ‘Creativity and Curiosity: A Collaboration between Artists and Astronomers’. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally since 1991.  She is an elected member of the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) and an Honorary Visiting Fellow of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Leicester. 

Ione Parkin’s large-scale paintings express her fascination about the early formation of the universe; massive clouds of cosmic dust and gas; vast webs of colour and shimmering light; solar dynamics; luminous visions of immensity.  This exhibition features her richly textured mixed-media works on paper inspired by planetary surfaces, extremes of temperature and geological process. These resemble samples of the undiscovered terrain of distant moons.

Julia deMarines
Julia deMarines is an Astrobiologist and science communicator working at the UC Berkeley SETI Research Center and with Blue Marble Space. She is a 2019 National Geographic Explorer and 2018 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow, and a 2019 AGU Voices for Science advocate. Her research involves detecting life in the Universe through biosignatures and technosignatures and the ethics of sending powerful, intentional messages into space. Her current project, called the Moonbounce project, is measuring Earth’s technosignature by observing terrestrial radio waves reflected (or “bounced”) off of the moon. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists and teaches to underserved students around the world through the Ad Astra Academy. Julia also runs her own outreach events called ''“Space in Your Face!” – a space variety show involving comedy, local artists, and cover songs. She recently appeared to on the Wow! Signal to talk about her moonbounce SETI work.

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Andrew Fazekas is Communications Manager at Astronomers Without Borders, stargazing columnist for National Geographic', and is a syndicated contributor for television and radio known as The Night Sky Guy. He is also the author of National Geographic Books Star Trek: The Official Guide to our Universe and Backyard Guide to the Night Sky, and is the co-creator of the world’s first augmented-reality planetarium experience Night Sky Odyssey.

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