Saturday, March 15, 2014

Support us on Patreon

It doesn't cost a great deal of money to produce the Wow! Signal Podcast. So far, only a few hundred dollars have been sunk into it. With your help, though we can do more, and do it more often. We have signed up with Patreon to take your per episode donations. If we don't put out an episode, you don't pay. It's pretty unlikely we'll put out more than 2 per month any time soon, although our goal is 4 per month by the end of Season 3.

If you pledge $1 per episode, we ail give you a shoutout and thank you on an upcoming episode. For $5 an episode, you get a T-shirt (-email to tell us what size you want). As always, we want your feedback on the podcast, whether you donate or not.

To donate, go to

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