Friday, November 21, 2014

Coming your way soon: Wow! Signal Bursts

In addition to our usual full-length episodes running from 40 to 80 minutes in length, there are some shorter episodes called "Bursts" we're working on. They will appear on the same rss feed you are already subscribed to (you are subscribed, right?), so your favorite pod catcher app (I recommend Pocket Casts) should just have them ready for you to listen to within an hour or two of release.

Bursts will more typically run about 5-10 minutes and may or may not include an interview. Hopefully, we'll be able to get these out much more frequently than the full length episodes. They will be highly focused, and presented with a bit less fanfare and no or limited show notes. They will have their own sequential numbering system as well.

The theme music for the Bursts will be from Jason Robinson's Elbow Grease, from his his fine albumCuneiform Records, Tiresian Symmetry. This tune was selected because of its speed, urgency and tight ensemble teamwork.
Jason Robinson

Many of these will simply be an audio version of the Dream of the Open Channel blog entries. One of the first Bursts will probably be a slight update of where I think we are on the Drake Equation, and maybe one just explaining the Drake Equation for the math phobic. However, team members other than myself will be strongly encouraged to give the short format a go to sharpen their podcasting chops. Also coming very soon (probably Burst #1) will be Mike Mongo discussing his Astronaut Training Manual and its crowd funded publication.

We will also continue with the free bonus audio content when we have interesting stuff that doesn't fit with an episode. These will not be on the rss feed, but will be announced on Twitter and on this blog.

As always, your thoughts and suggestions are highly valued. Please comment here, on the subreddit, or the G+ community if you have some ideas on how we can improve any of our content.

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