Monday, January 26, 2015

Coming Soon - a new feed

Coming soon, a new spinoff podcast on a separate feed. Not live, but completely unscripted, basically unedited, weekly, only vaguely planned out. The co-host is you. Bad language is allowed. Let us know if you like the idea and would be willing to participate. The range of topics is the same general territory as the Wow! Signal plus anything remotely related. There will, I hope, be speculative fiction, some genuine weirdness, sly Terry Pratchett references, and lots of commercially unviable music.

Update 2 February 2015

The way this will work is a Google Hangout. The audio of the entire hangout will be recorded, except perhaps for a few seconds at the start. At present, the plan is that it is not going to be live. 

If you wish to participate, sign up for G+, and then let us know that you would like to participate in a podcast. We intend to overbook a bit - more people will be invited than the 9 we can accommodate, so the first 9 invitees to show up will be the co-hosts along with the host/engineer. If you participate and contribute, you will be invited back frequently, but not every time. If someone leaves the hangout early, I may re-invite you if you-email that you tried to get in and couldn't.

Once you are in, the agenda is up to you. Things like music, fiction and special guests will be worked out as we go.

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