Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The emerging interstellar spaceflight thread - your ideas sought

We have been promising for some time now to start a thread on interstellar spaceflight. This will be about how we humans might one day send something - however small, to another star, and also about how anyone, anywhere might accomplish the same thing, and how we could know that they have.  Of course, we have covered related topics - the Fermi Paradox and Bracewell Probes, but from a more abstract perspective. This thread will be about what the objectives for interstellar spaceflight can be, and how they might be accomplished. We'll start with a Burst very soon, which will be an explanation at a very basic level of why interstellar spaceflight is hard, and why we can't just go ahead and do it now.

I would lie to solicit listener help in moving ahead with this thread.

  • What would you like to know about interstellar spaceflight?
  • Who you you like to hear interviewed about it?
  • What do you think some of the objectives of interstellar spaceflight should be?
To let us know what you think, either leave a comment below, or e-mail us at wowsignalpodcast  -at- gee-mail.

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