Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Episode 7 - My Dinner With Garthright

Release Date: 22 May 2013

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On May 11th 2013 I sat down in the hotel restaurant with Bing Garthright, a member of the National Capital Area Skeptics, to talk about his impressions of UFOCon
Bing Garthright
13 in Linthicum, Maryland.  This led to some interesting stories of his days as a NICAP UFO investigator in Maryland, and why he stopped investigating UFOs.  Bing makes  some measured - and often very positive -  comments about the speakers he had just heard.

The fourth Wow! Signal Podcast podcasting seal of approval for podcasts is awarded to: The Brain Science Podcast by Virginia Campbell.

Music by Ahleuchatistas and Jason Robinson.


The Episode:

Download the .mp3
Episode 7 Script

National Capital Area Skeptics
Aerial Phenomena Investigations
Episode 1 - Interview with Antonio Paris
The 1976 Brunswick, Maryland Case Report
History of NICAP
The FBI NICAP Correspondence
Alan Hendry's Book

Bill Murphy
John Alexander
Peter Resta
Physical Evidence in Case 2012-058

The Podcasting Seal of Approval

The Brain Science Podcast
Virginia Campbell, M.D.

The Music

Jason Robinson

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