Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Burst 30 - The Gaia DR2 Release and Boyajian's Star

Released: 24 April 2018
Duration: 10 minutes, 1 second

Download the .mp3 audio file

Paul Carr talks about today's much more accurate distance estimate to Boyajian's Star from Gaia Data
Release 2, and what, if anything, this rules out.


Clemens+ (2018) - Proper Motion of the Faint Star near KIC 8462852 (Boyajian's Star) - Not a Binary System
Boyajian+ (2015) - Where's the Flux?
Interview with Brad Schaefer
Ben Montet Makes a Star Weirder
Castelaz and Barker (2018) - KIC 8462852: Maria Mitchell Observatory Photographic Photometry 1922 to 1991
Gaia DR2


Host and Producer: Paul Carr
Music: Jason Robinson

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