Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Episode 31 - Journey Into the World of Alien Hunting

Released: 22 June 2016
Duration: 41 minutes, 19 seconds

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SETI scientists featured in Earthling's Quest
Daniela De Paulis hosts a conversation with the team producing the crowdfunded feature-length SETI documentary Earthling's Quest, and one of the scientists profiled in the film, Douglas Vakoch. We urge you to consider contributing to the Kickstarter for this film.

  • opening
  • Daniela's intro
  • introduction to the Earthling's Quest team: Alexander Ryneus and Per Bifrost (film co-directors), and Malla Grapengiesser (producer).
  • Introduction of Douglas Vakoch
  • Introduction on SETI and METI
  • What is the focus of the documentary?
  • Why is SETI so timely
  • Possibilities of finding extraterrestrial intelligent life
  • Why should we contact other life forms?
  • Should we be afraid?
  • closing remarks and discussion
  • Brief announcements
  • outro

The Earthling's Quest team


METI International
The SETI Institute
The Earthling's Quest Kickstarter

Our updated Team page


Host: Daniela De Paulis
Producer: Paul Carr
Announcer: Erin Carr
Music: DJ Spooky, Erika Lloyd, George Hrab

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